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About us

Loads of Experience

After a long and rich experience, working for major factories in HVAC for more than 30 years, we understand that the market is changing and always requires the best in all kinds of products in the growing HVAC market. But it isn’t possible for one unique trademark to be excellent and flexible in all range of products. We decided to improve our customer service to, and stop forwarding the “one-way message” from one company, only turn to promote what they are producing is the best worldwide, blind and deaf to the real needs of our local country.

Stay close to the client 

Our main goal is to use the best material that meets our customer’s needs and budget.

With our long vast HVAC experience and network, we build strong partnerships with experts and factories leaders as well as comfort application than industrial market through the best European and Japanese Companies all in their respectively knowledge.

B2B and B2C expert

With our sister company, Europair Schweiz AG, who is a specialist from more than 30 years throughout Swiss products and solutions for Fire Safety, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and with air diffusion systems characterized by a high level of technology and Design, to obtain the comfort and maximum quality of the air in the indoor environment.

We associate at this nice project the full support of our sister company “FRIGRO SA”, with their long and rich Air Conditioning and Cooling knowledge from more than 40 Years, they are one of the huge player for the Belux market with more than 40 employees and a real successful story. Only the name of “FRIGRO”, is a message of quality and service.

This is why we have expanded our activities into Benelux, in one new company “Europair Benelux” to share our products and knowledge with one of the most demanding HVAC markets in Europe. Our objective is to bring most efficient and best valued products for Residential, Commercial and Industrial ventilation, Air diffusion, Air Handling Units, Air Conditioning, Fire and Smoke.

Our great experience allows us to have an overall knowledge of all HVAC systems, both in terms of installation and start-up and maintenance; our Technical Office is constantly engaged in the search for solutions that allow you to better manage even these important activities.

As indoor air climate and heat pump are becoming more understood and demanded throughout our countries, our aim is to expand in Ventilation/Air Conditioning, Heating, Residential comfort control, Office and light commercial buildings, Fire safety, Hospitals and commercial centers within the next 5 years in key markets and become YOUR partner for all HVAC requests, with specialist, for specialist.

Our Commitment to our Customers is “MAKE YOUR AIR CLEAN AND COMFORTABLE!”

That’s why we want to be

Your friend in Green Ventilation